Great-grandfathers of the forest,
In service many years,
Devoted attendants of God,
Solemn, stoic, and severe.

The noble Redwoods' duty
Is to hold up heaven's floor,
With pride upon strong shoulders,
Dedicated to their chore.

Magnificent and stately,
Rugged beauty of their own,
No words sufficient to describe,
These awesome girders of God's Home.

Revered above all others,
Respected majesty,
Green leaves on tallest branches,
Weaving thickest tapestries.

Intimidating Goliaths,
That meet the fiercest winds,
And shelter forest creatures,
From without and from within.

God bade man to guard them,
Not defile by tool or saw,
For, surely, if man does so,
He's blaspheming God and law.

Bow down, you're in the presence,
Of Redwoods made by God;
They're His shrine ... His church,
His tabernacle ... His synagogue.

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