In the woods, up in the mountains,
Where it's lush and green and cool,
There are many little lakes and streams,
And little mountain pools.

Not only are they works of beauty,
But they serve a purpose, too,
They supply the creatures of the forest,
Both with water and with food.

Mostly they are quiet spots,
Where man retires to reflect,
He likes the stillness and serenity,
Which helps refresh his God respect.

Often further in the mountains,
Sometimes above a pool or pond,
Are even grander signs of God,
To which man excitedly responds.

An ear gives man his first alert,
A loud roar high in the mountain,
He rounds a curve and then observes,
A crashing water fountain.

Majestic and magnificent,
Man stands back in total awe,
Humbled in God's presence,
At a tumultuous waterfall.

Bejeweled by rays of sunshine,
Drops splash crystalline and pure,
Can't be captured for the market,
But here are free and lovelier.

At the edges of the rushing falls,
Forest creatures come to bathe,
Bear cubs frolic in the water,
And deer stand near to watch them play.

Cascading waters ever flow,
As they have since time began,
Man marvels at God's holy works,
Which he will never understand..

Man can construct hydraulic dams,
And reroute river streams,
But he can't duplicate God's plans,
Not even half as well, it seems.

Man on earth will never know,
How God created mountains,
Nor will he ever figure out,
The workings of God's fountains.

Let man stand in awe and praise the Lord,
Be grateful and thanksgiving,
When he gets to heaven, he'll learn how,
God's waterfalls outwit him.

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