Christmas Trivia Quiz III

Questions 11-20

Quiz Question #11

Many of us are quite familiar with the first verses of the traditional Christmas carols,
but how well do you know the rest of the lyrics?
For instance, what is the first line of the second verse of Angels from the Realms of Glory?
A) "Christ by highest heav'n adorèd"
B) "Shepherds in the fields abiding"
C) "Shepherds why this jubilee?"
D) "Don we now our gay apparel"

Quiz Question #12

The jólasveinar, or "yule lads", are a traditional part of an Icelandic Christmas.
The jólasveinar are:
A) A band of thirteen gift-giving goblins
B) In charge of Santa's reindeer
C) Woodcutters
D) The best male singers from each village

Quiz Question #13

Near Christmas time, Scottish children may sometimes "cry up the lum", meaning that they:
A) Weep, upon being given a lump of coal instead ofa gift
B) Shout their Christmas wishes up the chimney
C) Sing carols outdoors
D) Moan from stomach ache after Christmas dinner

Quiz Question #14

Which Christmas song contains the line "Suzy wants a dolly;
Nellie wants a story book; she thinks dolls are folly"?
A) Up on the Housetop
B) All I Want for Christmas
C) Grandma's Christmas List
D) Jolly Old St. Nicholas

Quiz Question #15

After Scrooge has reformed his life at the end of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol,
he proposes getting together with Bob Cratchit for some "smoking bishop", which was:
A) A fast variation of chess popular in Victorian London
B) A premium pipe tobacco
C) A hot spiced drink
D) A Christmas pudding, soaked in brandy and set alight

Quiz Question #16

Tom Smith, an English confectioner, invented the Christmas cracker in 1847,
drawing his inspiration from packaged French sweets, or bon-bons.
The original crackers were much like those of today, but the name was different.
Smith called his crackers by the French word for:
A) Bangers
B) Hiccups
C) Goblins
D) Cossacks

Quiz Question #17

The popular Christmas song, "Six White Boomers",
tells of Santa Claus making an extra delivery on Christmas Day in a vehicle drawn by six:
A) Bears
B) Kangaroos
C) Moose
D) Swans

Quiz Question #18

In Lithuania, if Kaledu Senelis, or Grandfather Christmas,
appears to the children on Christmas Eve to hand out presents, each recipient must:
A) Find the gift while blindfolded
B) Guess what the gift is, or pay a forfeit
C) Kneel to receive the gift
D) Perform a song or poem before receiving the gift

Quiz Question #19

Because holly remains green even in the depths of December,
it has been credited with many mysterious powers.
In England, if prickly holly is brought into the house before the smooth-leafed kind,
folklore holds that for the next year:
A) There will be many visitors to the house
B) Knives and needles will remain sharp
C) Illness will plague the family
D) The husband will rule the household

Quiz Question #20

The custom of hanging out stockings or setting out shoes in the hope of receiving Christmas gifts
is said to have begun with:
A) A promotional campaign by the Cobblers' Guild
B) The traveler's practice of concealing valuable papers in one's stocking
C) St. Nicholas supplying the gold for a dowry
D) A method of avoiding a Christmas tax

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