Christmas Trivia Quiz III

Questions 21-30

Quiz Question #21

The ancient game of snapdragon has been part of English Christmases for over 300 years.
Participants are egged on by a chant, part of which goes,
"Take care you don't take too much, Be not greedy in your clutch, Snip, snap, dragon!"
The dragon in this game is:
A) A costumed child
B) Flames of burning brandy
C) The oldest male in the room
D) A "snapper" made from fireplace tongs

Quiz Question #22

In many households, part of the fun of eating Christmas pudding
is finding a trinket that predicts your fortune for the coming year.
For instance, finding a coin means you will become wealthy.
Finding a button means that you will be:
A) Poor
B) Famous
C) A bachelor
D) Called away on a trip

Quiz Question #23

February 2nd is Groundhog Day in North America, but it is also Candlemas,
which is celebrated by lighting many candles to chase the winter away.
Christmas seems long past, yet there is a traditional connection.  By this day:
A) The last Christmas cake must be eaten
B) Next year's Christmas goose must be chosen and separated from the flock
C) Persons accused of petty crimes over Christmas must be released
D) All Christmas greenery must be removed from the house

Quiz Question #24

Most of us like to spend Christmas with our families, but sometimes we must be far away.
Even then, most of us get to stay on the planet. 
Prior to the occupation of the International Space Station in 2001,
how many people actually spent Christmas Day in space?
A) None - mission planners have always worked around it
B) Just three - the Apollo-8 team
C) Twelve
D) Thirty-five

Quiz Question #25

The idea of Christmas seals began in 1903 with Einar Holboell, a postal clerk from Copenhagen.
By 1904, with the King of Denmark taking an interest,
the first seals were printed and sold, raising funds that were used to:
A) Help children with tuberculosis
B) Build a statue overlooking the harbor
C) Feed the poor and homeless
D) Throw a Christmas party for the city

Quiz Question #26

Christmas tree decorations have changed considerably over the years.
Which of the following well-known products became popular
after being promoted as a Christmas tree "decoration"?
A) The yo-yo
B) Decorative nutcrackers
C) Animal Crackers
D) Doughnuts

Quiz Question #27

Christmas is celebrated even at wizard school.
On his first Christmas morning at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry,
Harry Potter receives a number of Christmas gifts, including:
A) A pair of gloves and a pointed hat
B) A hairbrush and a wand of lightning
C) A hand-knit sweater and a cloak of invisibility
D) A pet frog and a magic broomstick

Quiz Question #28

The Urn of Fate is part of the Christmas celebrations in many Italian households.  What is it?
A) A jar full of fortunes
B) A game in which players toss coins into a cup
C) An actual urn containing presents
D) A special decoration that recalls the fragility of life

Quiz Question #29

In the isolated outposts of Newfoundland and Labrador on the eastern coast of Canada,
unique Christmas customs evolved.
In the old days, one of these was called "blowing the pudding".  This meant:
A) The pudding had to be eaten in a single sitting
B) Putting out the flames of brandy with the fireplace bellows
C) Boasting extravagantly that this year's pudding was the best of all
D) A gun was fired as the pudding was lifted from the pot

Quiz Question #30

Many movies on Christmas themes have been made for television and the cinema over the years,
including literally dozens of adaptations - albeit sometimes rather loose -
of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol.
One film that has not yet been made, however, is:
A) The Jetsons' Christmas Carol
B) Popeye's Christmas Carol
C) Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol
D) Mickey's Christmas Carol

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