Christmas Trivia Quiz III

Questions 1-10

Quiz Question #1

In Shakespeare's Hamlet, one character describes a common belief that in the Christmas season:
A) Dogs and cats refrain from fighting
B) Roosters crow all night long
C) Unpenned sheep will gather at the church
D) White horses should be ridden only by children

Quiz Question #2

"Oidhche na ceapairi" is a term the Irish use for Christmas Eve.  It means:
A) Come to the dance
B) Day of Waiting
C) End of the fast
D) Night of Cakes

Quiz Question #3

Which well-known fantasy author created a book called The Father Christmas Letters?
A) Lewis Carroll
B) J.R.R. Tolkien
C) E. Nesbit
D) C.S. Lewis

Quiz Question #4

Santa's reindeer are most closely related to which of the following animals?
A) Caribou
B) Elk
C) Moose
D) White-tailed deer

Quiz Question #5

In E. Nesbit's Christmas story "The Conscience Pudding",
what is the problem with the Christmas pudding?
A) It tastes of soap, and is undercooked
B) The family dog has eaten half of it
C) The children used peppercorns instead of dried currants
D) It has rolled behind the stove, and no one can get it out

Quiz Question #6

Oplatek is an important part of a Polish Christmas.  It is:
A) A decoration made from cherry boughs
B) An empty place left at the table during the Christmas meal
C) A special wafer shared by all who are present
D) The name of the traditional gift-bringer

Quiz Question #7

Christmas is often associated with particular flowers (like the poinsettia)
and other members of the plant kingdom such as Schlumbergera bridgesii,
more commonly known as:
A) The Christmas cactus
B) The holly tree
C) The mistletoe
D) The snowberry bush

Quiz Question #8

On December 23 in Oaxaca, Mexico, the "Night of the Radishes" festival is celebrated.
On this night:
A) A spicy pudding of radishes and fenugreek is served
B) Red and white radishes are put up for Christmas decorations
C) Children hunt for hidden radishes
D) Radish carvings of Nativity scenes are displayed

Quiz Question #9

Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer made his first appearance in 1939, in a story that was written to:
A) Advertise a new brand of light-bulb
B) Be read on a Christmas radio broadcast
C) Entertain the author's sick daughter
D) Promote a department store

Quiz Question #10

A colorful, musical Santa Claus parade marks the approach of Christmas
in many North American cities.  The first one:
A) Was Macy's Thanksgiving Parade in New York City
B) Was held in Toronto, Ontario in 1905
C) Included cowboy singer Gene Autry and his horse Champion
D) Had to be postponed until Boxing Day

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