Only Trust Him

We live our lives as best we can,
And things seem truly good.
Love and family all around,
All doing things we should.

And yet, somehow things do go wrong,
Tragedy comes our way.
We feel our life is over and,
Don't want to face each day.

Listen, and we can hear His voice!
He comes to give us hope.
God speaks words to our weary heart,
So with strife we may cope.

He knows the sadness in our life,
Is standing by our side.
He wants His light to shine through us,
With us He does abide.

He will prepare the way for us,
As through the day we go.
Will help us find the greatest love,
That we can ever know.

He'll take the bad and make it good,
Only trust Him... you will see!
There will never be a moment,
That without Him we will be.

We are His precious children,
And for us He does care.
Just call upon His Holy name,
And know that He'll be there!
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