There was a time I searched in vain,
To find myself a friend.
I sought to find some caring soul,
Who'd love me without end.

I ached with need ... I was alone,
I looked so hard and long.
I felt such pain and emptiness,
What was I doing wrong?

I approached so many people,
I bared my soul to few;
Why they could never love me,
I never really knew.

I went to God and asked His help,
He gave this answer to me:
"That friend with everlasting love,
Can be only found through me."

"I'll be that friend you've sought so long,
I have such love for you;
In fact, I sacrificed my Son,
To show my love is true."

"I gave Him up at Calvary,
He bled and died in pain.
You'll have no greater love than this,
There's no greater to attain."

"My friendship and my love are yours,
Your search is finally done;
Your loneliness will disappear,
Your emptiness be gone."

"Since I also know your human needs,
You've another rule to learn ...
That in your quest for earthly love,
What you give is what's returned."

I closed my eyes to offer thanks,
A warm sun kissed my face;
A gentle breeze wafted over me,
And I received my Friend's embrace.

~ Virginia Ellis ~

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