There is unbroken quietness,
In the mountains, in the night;
A stillness even thoughts can't break,
Nor shatter as if light.

The night's protective blackness,
Like a velvet wrap is worn,
An embrace of one's whole body,
Sensuous and warm.

The stars ... a million dancing lights,
Choose one and it is yours;
One is enough ... please leave the rest,
For poets and philosophers.

A scent of wild Jasmine,
Pervades the soft night air;
An intoxicant so strong,
No match found anywhere.

Evening music of the woods,
Rustling sylvan chords;
God, I think, is whispering,
Hush!  Don't miss His words!

Close your eyes in solitude,
Your Lord and you alone,
You've caught a glimpse of Heaven.
You've caught a glimpse of Home.

~ Virginia Ellis ~

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