Just Keep on Keeping On

Hey child of God,
I know sometimes it seems like,
Everything goes wrong.
Oh, you get so down hearted
And discouraged
Some days you feel like you can't go on.
But friend there's coming a day
Oh, and I believe that it won't be long.
I believe it won't be long.
Just keep your eyes on Jesus, child.
Just keep on keeping on.

Hey preacher boy,
I know some days you feel like
Nothing that you say is gettin' through.
Oh, you preach your heart out Sunday after Sunday
Most times they just sit there
And look at you.
Just remember God said
His word won't come back void.
So, boy,
Preach your heart,
Tell the truth,
And just be strong.
Keep your eyes on Jesus, son.
And just keep on keeping on.

We gotta keep on keeping on
For our Lord.
We gotta keep our faith in God
And God alone.
Keep on trusting in His word.
Oh, we need to keep on keeping on.
Even when the going gets tough.
Just keep on sticking to the stone.
'Cause one day,
King Jesus will say,

You know I believe when Jesus walked up
That road to Calvary
That road must have seemed so long.
You know that road must have seemed so long.
But I believe in His mind
He thought of you and I and said,
"I gotta keep on keeping on".

One day we'll see Him face to face
And thank Him for His amazing grace.
So, child,
Just keep on keeping on.

Just Keep On Keeping On
Performed by Michael Combs


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