It's not too far to Heaven
If you just take time to pray
It's closer than you may think
If you're not too far astray.

If you listen with your ears
When you need to make a choice,
Read from your Bible daily,
And you'll hear our Father's voice.

If you open up your eyes
At the start of each new day,
Direct them to the heavens
And then take time to pray.

Confess your sins to Jesus,
For he died for you and me
To save us from our sins
On that cross at Calvary.

It's not too far to Heaven,
If you pursue in doing right,
Have faith and trust in God above.
He is our shining light.

The reasons for our living,
Was His plan for you and me.
It's not too far to Heaven,
When you pray on bended knee.

It's not too far to Heaven
When you have been set free.
Ask our Lord to save you,
For it is He who holds the key.

Ruth Ann Mahaffey

"Tell Me That Story" by Michael Combs


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