God's love is all around us
And beautiful it is to see,
Like Autumn leaves a'falling
And the rippling of the sea.

Like flowers in full bloom
With colors glowing bright,
Like fireflies all around us,
Just lighting up the night.

God's love is in a rainbow
Shining in the sky,
And with the little birds
That are ever flying high

In our little children,
Precious one and all,
In Winter and the Springtime,
The Summer and the Fall.

God's love is on the mountain,
Where the trees are very green,
And down in the valley
Where much of life is seen.

In a time of sorrow,
God's love is surely found,
When all your friends and loved ones
Are come to gather round.

God's love is not just things
That we can see or own,
It's also what's inside us ...
To help to take us home.

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